Operating partners offer the comprehensive solution which aimed at a customers’ improvement of a corporate value.We propose not just with systems development but the information system concept after gazing at customers’ business, and support the development of a system and the evolution of continued customers .
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Improvement of a corporate value
Strategy Building
Organizational Reformation
Personnel Policy
Business Reform
Business Management
Information System Concept Planning
System Development
Maintenance And Operation
  • Profit improvement
  • Sales improvement
  • Include cost cut
  • Growth strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Management plan
We provide our customers for their growth support as the first priority service.

Challenges that inhibit the corporate value improvement

Challenges that inhibit the corporate value improvement
  I T
Business Process
People and Organizations
  • Cannot draw up an effective strategy for realizing the improvement of the corporate value and the performance.
  • Cannot adjust to the change of a market or customer needs and don’t know how to deal with it.
  • Cannot realize the company’s strategy and goal and don’t know the reasons why we cannot realize (prevention factor).
  • Neither the talented people for performing the strategy nor source of funds can consider.
  • Cannot gather information for decision-making timely, therefore, it causes delay indecision-making.
  • The information system has not caught up with change of a strategy or business.
  • Aggregation and creation of the information required for decision-making as a management decision or a section by a lot of time and manpower.
  • The system of individual business consists of patches and the database has not been connected.
  • Cannot perform the customer relations management or sales promotion which utilized IT.
  • The information system has not caught up with change of a strategy or business.
  • Aggregation and creation of the information required for decision-making as a management decision or a section by a lot of time and manpower.
  • The system of individual business consists of patches and the database has not been connected .
  • Cannot perform the customer relations management or sales promotion which utilized IT.
  • Your company’s organization is not suitable for the achievement of the strategy and the target.
  • The role and the authority of each section are indefinite, and the responsibility is not clear.
  • There is some resistance to change for your business and system.
  • There is no key performance indicator for grasping the progress and the degree of achievement of business.
  • The suitable management based on the above-mentioned key performance indicator is not performed.
Generally, about the various issues in corporate management, we can arrange from four viewpoints, the following “strategies”, an “operating process”, “IT (information technology)”, and “a person and an organization.”Although some issues of a company are various, it is very difficult to solve them fundamentally in partial approach.Therefore, we are required to tackle with the above four viewpoints

A challenge example of business as seen from four perspectives

In business, We think that the management issues seen from four viewpoints have the following.Every issue has relevance each other.Since it becomes indispensable conditions that we can perform stocktaking and evaluation in real time, for planning of an exact strategy or decision-making.We think that the effective use of IT becomes a key point.
The issue concerning the strategy
The issue concerning operating process
The issue concerning person and organization
The issue concerning IT
Although you would like to fully utilize its company property and to maximize profits, you may not carry out effective measures.You don’t have the mechanism of extracting and sharing the management index ,which are used as a criterion of judgment required for decision-making on the management And the information is not supplied enough and timely.
Since the PDCA cycle based on quantitive management index is not established, you may not promote operational efficiency.Also you may not raise your productivity without going ahead with the efficiency of operation and management of your property in order to be dependent on the data collection of former type “manual labor”.
Though you want to embody profits maximization in the industry which continues changing a lot every day, and is becoming “turbulence” as business environment, both of your organization and business mission are not clear.Your organization may not construct management system based on a setup and index of the key performance indicator.
You cannot advance integration or unification of the various management data which is needed for decision-making on management because the connection of the operating system in its company is insufficient. Therefore, you cannot share measure planning and operationally needed information between the head office and every branch.
Execution of strategy・Realization
Execution of strategy・Realization
The exact strategy・Information necessary to the decision-making
Efficiency of operations・Speed improvement
(Support of productivity improvement) Costs Down

Our solutions

Approach from Strategy
[Reconstruction Solution of Growth Strategy and Business Strategy]
We Support reexamination of the present strategy, or decision of a new strategy Due to the check of a business strategy, the exterior / internal environment analysis, and the problem and subject analysis of the present enterprise,(Strategy Reconstruction Support by a zero base)
[Business Strategy Quick Review]
It is the approach which puts weight on the extraction of a factor and the decision of solution which catches as an established policy by a large frame, and check the realization about the present business strategy.We perform deployment to the strategy, plan, and target according to /section classified by function based on the existing strategy.
Approach from Operating Process
[Job Analysis and Reform Solution]
We evaluate and analyze the present ways of task performance in each function/organization in an enterprise, and for attaining a strategic target, I extract the point leading to prevention. I clarify the subject further and design even the measure for solution.
[A Management System Analysis, Management Reform Solution]
Solution which focuses on the management control in a strategy or not the operating process itself but the top management middle management of each section, and reforms the management way that should be.(It is the solution of the form which supports not consultant initiative but the active measure of a manager layer.)
Approach from Person and Organization
[Performance Evaluation System Solution]
Based on the premise of an execution of Job Analysis and Reform Solution, we perform deployment from a strategy to a section target, from a section target to an individual goal and set up the key performance indicator classified by each section required for strategy realization.We build the structure of the management based on the key performance indicator.
If needed, we perform reexamination to organization control required for strategic execution, clarify the missions, target, and function of each organization, and define a role
[Management Functional Support Service]
We support effective execution and embodiment of the action plan in your company by mid- and long-term participation forms in operating reform, such as various measures and formation of system fixing.
Approach from IT (information system)
[Information system concept construction solution]
Based on the problem and subject analysis of the existing information system, I draw up an information system concept required for improvement in a corporate value, such as realization of a growth strategy.
[Systems development and introduction / management support solution]
Solution which offers even formulation of a requirement definition and a basic design, systems development and a test, and an introductory plan, and management of development and introduction.
The special systems development in alignment with customer needs besides solution offer consisting mainly of our ASP and package systems (a sales managerial system, purchase and an inventory control system, a handy terminal, etc.) is also possible.
Employment support implementation called not only systems development but development maintenance and server management.

Solution is assumed execution step and the correlation relationship

About each solution of the preceding clause, we assume performing at the following steps fundamentally. It is necessary to provide by combining each solution according to the present condition and the subject of your company.
Strategic Solution Phase[Business Solution Support in respect of a strategy]
Process Innovation Phase[Problem-solving assistance in business analysis and reform surface]
System Implementation [Problem-solving assistance in system construction surface]
XX Phase[Problem-solving assistance in human and organizational and other aspects]
  • Reconstruction Solution of a Growth Strategy & Business Strategy
  • Business Strategy Quick Review
  • Job Analysis & Reform Solution
  • A management System Analysis& Management Reform Solution
  • Information System Grand Design Construction Solution
  • Systems Development and Implement / Management Support Solution
  • Performance Evaluation System Construction Solution
  • Management Functional Support Service
Although Strategic solution phase is not an essential task, in making the subsequent solution, a minimum period for your strategy understanding is required.
When performing a system implementation phase, execution at least of job analysis and a reform solution becomes indispensable.(According to the present condition of your company, we will combine a management reform solution.)We will determine how much we can perform process innovation after adjusting with your company from the period and budget level counted backward from the target schedule of the next phase start.
In developing an information system, the period and budget of the solution will depend on the functional range and the scale of customization development.For some situations, you may require to compose and participate in a full time team.
The phase which offers execution support of various measures in new operation and system environment.About the contents, we assume the form which your company determines based on our company proposal.