To accelerate the growth of companies

— Accelerates the Growth of Our Customers —

Accelerate the growth of client companies


  • Operating Partners Inc. has evolved as an IT provider for supporting the advancement of the business management of customer companies including the amusement industry.
  • We have a “Accelerate Customers’ growth ” as our vision.We have practiced from the strategy planning for growth to the information system concept planning, the systems development and the operation support
  • We provide quite different services from the former type system development firm which provide only surface solutions like contract for work (as bad cases).We provide the true solution accompanied by power of execution, such as a novel consulting and IT business with high scarcity, and aim at becoming true “business partner” for a company.


Features and Advantages of Operating Partners

Operating partners always make a promise to consider “accelerating customers’ growth for the first of all”, and provide services.
We have a superiority that we can provide everything from the business consulting service to the system integration service by ourselves.Off course,we have cultivated a lot of knowledge about management consulting and taken advantage of them for many years until now.Also we can provide the system configuration services which is your infrastructure to realize your business.

We hope that we will want to support you as a partner of customers’ growth support”.

Provide Services

Business Consultancy Business
Systems Configuration.Operation Support Business
We will support your business from a strategic to IT strategy effectively for your growing realization.
We support system infrastructure construction required in order to realize a customers’ growth.
  • We will provide a variety of management consulting services including growth strategy planning, business strategy planning, medium- to long-term management planning, organizational design, performance evaluation system , personnel evaluation and compensation system , BPR (including business process re- engineering (BPR, etc.)), company-wide business management building, M&A, purchasing reform, corporate revitalization support.
  • We will assist on the effective and long-term perspective in order to realize the customer’s corporate value improvement by business consulting experienced consultants.
  • We propose system requirements required in order to accelerate not mere contract development but a customers’ growth, and offer support which performs ideal system infrastructure construction together with customers.
  • We provide comprehensive IT service from operation management support to system management support , such as an information system concept, a requirement definition, RFP creation support, a basic design, development, and a server
  • We can provide some solutions based on the package systems (sales management, purchase, inventory control, etc.) of our company.
  • We can provide one-stop service of IT (information system) for customers.Because we have a lot of experience and property ,which got as an ASP※ service provider for over 10 years (※Application Service Provider).
  • Strategy system consulting service
    • Reconstruction solution of a growth strategy and a business strategy
    • Business strategy quick review etc
  • Business and management reform system consulting service
    • Job analysis and reform solution
    • A management system analysis, management reform solution etc
  • Personnel affairs and organized type consulting system service
    • Performance evaluation system construction solution
    • Management plan functional support service      etc
  • IT consulting service
    • Information system concept construction solution  etc
  • Systems configuration system
    • Requirement definition and RFP creation support
    • Basic design and development support / shift support
  • System management support service
    • Operating pro (sales management, purchase and inventory control) ASP enterprise
    • Infrastructure operation management services,such as server