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【Business Consulting service area】
【System construction・operational support service area】
Concrete Service Menu
Strategy Planning
Model Design
System Architecture
Operations Support
Customer’s growth strategy decision and business model decision support
Based on the proposition that the customer is facing, to design a model for the business, organization, system creation
Embody the contents of the strategy and model design in the system.
Operational support of the constructed system (fixation, server management, system maintenance, etc.) is perform.
  • Strategy Consulting Service
    • Reconstruction Solution of Growth Strategy & Business Strategy
    • Business Strategy Quick Review etc
  • Business & Management Reform Consulting Service
    • Job Analysis and Reform Solution
    • Management System Analysis &Management Reform Solution etc
  • Human Resource & Organizational Consulting Service
    • Performance Evaluation System Construction Solution
    • Management Functional Support Service etc
  • IT (Information System) Consulting Service
    • Information System Grand Design Construction Solution etc
  • Systems Configuration Service
    • Requirement Definition and RFP Creation Support
    • Basic Design and Development Support / Date Migration Support etc
  • System Management & Operational Support Service
    • The brand name is the Operating Pro including sales management, purchase and inventory control)ASP business enterprise
    • Infrastructure Operation Management Services, such as a server etc