Solution is assumed execution step and the correlation relationship

About each solution of the preceding clause, we assume performing at the following steps fundamentally. It is necessary to provide by combining each solution according to the present condition and the subject of your company.
Strategic Solution Phase[Business Solution Support in respect of a strategy]
Process Innovation Phase[Problem-solving assistance in business analysis and reform surface]
System Implementation [Problem-solving assistance in system construction surface]
XX Phase[Problem-solving assistance in human and organizational and other aspects]
  • Reconstruction Solution of a Growth Strategy & Business Strategy
  • Business Strategy Quick Review
  • Job Analysis & Reform Solution
  • A management System Analysis& Management Reform Solution
  • Information System Grand Design Construction Solution
  • Systems Development and Implement / Management Support Solution
  • Performance Evaluation System Construction Solution
  • Management Functional Support Service
Although Strategic solution phase is not an essential task, in making the subsequent solution, a minimum period for your strategy understanding is required.
When performing a system implementation phase, execution at least of job analysis and a reform solution becomes indispensable.(According to the present condition of your company, we will combine a management reform solution.)We will determine how much we can perform process innovation after adjusting with your company from the period and budget level counted backward from the target schedule of the next phase start.
In developing an information system, the period and budget of the solution will depend on the functional range and the scale of customization development.For some situations, you may require to compose and participate in a full time team.
The phase which offers execution support of various measures in new operation and system environment.About the contents, we assume the form which your company determines based on our company proposal.