A challenge example of business as seen from four perspectives

In business, We think that the management issues seen from four viewpoints have the following.Every issue has relevance each other.Since it becomes indispensable conditions that we can perform stocktaking and evaluation in real time, for planning of an exact strategy or decision-making.We think that the effective use of IT becomes a key point.
The issue concerning the strategy
The issue concerning operating process
The issue concerning person and organization
The issue concerning IT
Although you would like to fully utilize its company property and to maximize profits, you may not carry out effective measures.You don’t have the mechanism of extracting and sharing the management index ,which are used as a criterion of judgment required for decision-making on the management And the information is not supplied enough and timely.
Since the PDCA cycle based on quantitive management index is not established, you may not promote operational efficiency.Also you may not raise your productivity without going ahead with the efficiency of operation and management of your property in order to be dependent on the data collection of former type “manual labor”.
Though you want to embody profits maximization in the industry which continues changing a lot every day, and is becoming “turbulence” as business environment, both of your organization and business mission are not clear.Your organization may not construct management system based on a setup and index of the key performance indicator.
You cannot advance integration or unification of the various management data which is needed for decision-making on management because the connection of the operating system in its company is insufficient. Therefore, you cannot share measure planning and operationally needed information between the head office and every branch.
Execution of strategy・Realization
Execution of strategy・Realization
The exact strategy・Information necessary to the decision-making
Efficiency of operations・Speed improvement
(Support of productivity improvement) Costs Down