Provide Services

Business Consultancy Business
Systems Configuration.Operation Support Business
We will support your business from a strategic to IT strategy effectively for your growing realization.
We support system infrastructure construction required in order to realize a customers’ growth.
  • We will provide a variety of management consulting services including growth strategy planning, business strategy planning, medium- to long-term management planning, organizational design, performance evaluation system , personnel evaluation and compensation system , BPR (including business process re- engineering (BPR, etc.)), company-wide business management building, M&A, purchasing reform, corporate revitalization support.
  • We will assist on the effective and long-term perspective in order to realize the customer’s corporate value improvement by business consulting experienced consultants.
  • We propose system requirements required in order to accelerate not mere contract development but a customers’ growth, and offer support which performs ideal system infrastructure construction together with customers.
  • We provide comprehensive IT service from operation management support to system management support , such as an information system concept, a requirement definition, RFP creation support, a basic design, development, and a server
  • We can provide some solutions based on the package systems (sales management, purchase, inventory control, etc.) of our company.
  • We can provide one-stop service of IT (information system) for customers.Because we have a lot of experience and property ,which got as an ASP※ service provider for over 10 years (※Application Service Provider).
  • Strategy system consulting service
    • Reconstruction solution of a growth strategy and a business strategy
    • Business strategy quick review etc
  • Business and management reform system consulting service
    • Job analysis and reform solution
    • A management system analysis, management reform solution etc
  • Personnel affairs and organized type consulting system service
    • Performance evaluation system construction solution
    • Management plan functional support service      etc
  • IT consulting service
    • Information system concept construction solution  etc
  • Systems configuration system
    • Requirement definition and RFP creation support
    • Basic design and development support / shift support
  • System management support service
    • Operating pro (sales management, purchase and inventory control) ASP enterprise
    • Infrastructure operation management services,such as server